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🍁Fall Variety Pack🍁

  • 🍁Fall Variety Pack🍁
  • 🍁Fall Variety Pack🍁
  • 🍁Fall Variety Pack🍁
  • 🍁Fall Variety Pack🍁


Flavors included:

🥧🍏Apple Pie Bae🍎🥧
White chocolate blondie filled with apple pie spice, apple pie pastries, brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts, topped with homemade caramel frosting, a Cinnamon Toast Crunch streusel and cookie butter drizzle.

🎃Basic Fall Bae🎃
Pumpkin pie filling swirled throughout a fudge brownie topped with a marshmallow cream cheese frosting, and white chocolate pumpkin spice ganache.

🥜Harvest Festival🥜
White chocolate blondie stuffed with candy corn topped with peanut butter cookie dough and Reese’s pieces!

🥕🍰Thankful Bae🍰🥕
a brown sugar white chocolate chip blondie, stuffed with both a frosted Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pop Tart AND Carrot Cake. Topped with a layer of brown sugar cream cheese buttercream, a carrot cake sandwich cookie, and drizzled with white chocolate

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