Q:  What is the turnaround time for an order?

A:  That depends on the quantity.  The larger the order, the longer the turnaround time, but 48 hours is always safe. 

Q: What is the last day to order to pick up my brownies by Saturday?

A: Thursday

Q: Do you offer all of the menu flavors all the time?

A: No.  I offer 2-3 flavors per week, announced on Sundays.  Flavors outside of those 2-3 flavors announced will not be available that same week.

Q:  Do you know what next week's flavors will be?

A:  Most likely, no.  Sis has two businesses and wishes she were organized enough to make a schedule.

Q:  Can I pickup my order the same day I order it?

A: 95% of the time, no, unless you get lucky and I have extras lying around.

Q:  How do I pay?

A: Pay online through the website. Payment MUST be received before baking begins.

Q:  I emailed you about an order and you never made it.  What is up with that?

A:  If you didn't pay, I didn't bake.  Inquiries do not equal orders.

Q:  Do you offer gluten free? Vegan? Are you brownies keto-friendly?

A: No, no, and definitely not ;). HOWEVER, I am in the process of finding the perfect formula to offer healthier options, as well.

Q:  Why are your brownies so expensive?

A: Because they are gigantic, gourmet, and freaking worth every penny.

Q:  Do you ship?

A: No.

Q:  Where is pickup?

A:  Hamburg, porch pickup.  Address is given to you the night before.

Q:  Do you deliver?

A: 95% of the time, no.

Q:  Do you have the nutrition facts/macros for your brownies?

A: I do not.  The FDA does not require I label nutrition, only ingredients.

Q: I got an email saying my brownies are ready for pickup but my event isn't for a few days.  Will they stay fresh?

A:  YES.  The brownies freeze and thaw wonderfully!

Q: Can I buy a single? Or does it have to be a 2-pack?

A: Currently, singles are unavailable.  However, 2-packs are a better deal AND the brownies freeze very well, so you can pop the other one in the freezer if you don't want to eat it right away.

Q:  Can I place an order for a birthday party or another large event?

A:  YES. I love making brownies for events!  I will need at LEAST two weeks notice.  Contact me for pricing on orders larger than 1 dozen.